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    Wheel of Sky is a Celtic, folk, and bluegrass band that stands out with a bevy of original, traditional-sounding, story-telling songs. There are bluegrass barndances, folktales told in song, sea shanties, and plenty of gorgeous love songs, both happy and sad.

    The sound of the  band, with crisp fingerpicking guitar work, dancing fiddle, and two- and three-part vocal harmony, is reminiscent of Peter, Paul, and Mary - if Peter, Paul, and Mary were Irish. Pat DeSimio, the principle songwriter, brings fingerstyle guitar, an emotive baritone, and occasional banjo picking; Hannah Madson, a classically trained violinist since the age of 4, now plays a fiery fiddle and the mandolin; and Mallory Beck, primary vocalist, provides a bell-like soprano, fingerstyle and rhythm guitar, tinwhistle, and djembe.